Dear All,


God’s movement is moving! Around the globe – from Santiago to San Diego, from London to Los Angeles – what an incredible Day of MERCY on Saturday, as God honored our prayers and fasting on the previous day! The World Missions Jubilee updated total is: 452 registrations. As of today, the City of Angels Church has exactly 270 members. We are almost completely registered with 236 registrations. (About 10 of our members, cannot come for reasons such as: family weddings to scheduled caesarean births to travel outside of America for the renewal of visas.) Lord willing, the balance of the money for registrations will be turned in tomorrow at Staff. As for the rest of the movement, perhaps another day of prayer and fasting is needed as to date there are only 216 registrants. The important cannot be subordinated to the seemingly urgent. The Jubilee is of the utmost importance, so let’s focus our attention on this effort, not just on the urgent daily ministry needs.


Here’s the good news!   


Ron Harding – our Lead Evangelist for our movement’s Global Internet Ministry and the leader of our awesome sister church in Portland – gives an extraordinary report: "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (1 Peter 3:15) Since the beginning of the Portland Church, I’ve taught the House Church Leaders to always come to all church services prepared to do any part of the service. Today, the Lord saw fit to test how reliable the men would be. Our Father’s Day Park Service was spoiled by rain and we had to go into House Church Services with just a two hour notice. All of the brothers came through with flying colors! As I called to inform each of the brothers that they would need to preach, I was so proud to FIND that they ALL had lessons and they were all prepared to “preach the Word!” In the midst of all the graduations this week, Ted Dejony stood above the rest receiving numerous honors as he graduated from Clark College. He has multiple sclerosis, yet he perseveres every Sunday to come to church where he serves as our Sound Engineer. Ted’s life is so inspiring that The Columbian, a local newspaper, did an article on how he overcame his adversities to find such great success in college – 3.7 GPA! (See the attachment!) He also serves in the Cyber-Ministry as our Web Deacon where he uses all of the programming skills he learned in college. He’s currently working with me on a Worldwide Membership and Statistics Application, which will replace all of the Excel reporting that we do by email. We plan on debuting his work at Jubilee! I’ve saved the best news for last. For years, Jen Chambers – through deception, out-right lies, and a complete distortion of the truth – has falsified herself as Kip with her website kipmckean.com. Through years of work initiated by Jeremy Ciaramella and the more recent work of our new “Kingdom attorney,” Xavier Davis, I have confirmation through certified mail by Jen Chamber’s lawyer that Miss Chambers has initiated the transfer of kipmckean.com to us! When this transfer is complete this week, it will mark the end of the worst persecution we’ve received from any website on the internet! We’ve also got in writing that her new website, aptly entitled: SpiritualPornography.com, will no longer violate the rights of Kip – pictures and quotes – and our movement by using copyrighted and unauthorized content from our any of our websites. This is undoubtedly the largest victory we’ve seen in our Cyber-Ministry!!! To God be the glory!


Matt Sullivan of Santiago writes: It was a great weekend beginning yesterday with the MERCY projects – we are very fired-up about how that went. As well, today we did see Robinson and Mirza restored. They are a great couple and are awesome additions! Also, Chile won their first game in the World Cup last week! This was the first win in the World Cup in 48 years! VAMOS CHILE!!!


Luke Speckman shares: Greetings from Phoenix! Yesterday, we had a very inspiring wedding! Millie and Byford, both of whom were baptized in the Campus Ministry here about three years ago, were married after having a year-long completely pure dating relationship! Yesterday, after the wedding was their first kiss! This was so very impacting for their families and the disciples alike! Millie’s mom, Minnie, was at the wedding. Because of Millie’s radical change when she became a disciple, and her consistent faith and prayers, Minnie was baptized a year ago in the City of Angels Church! This Sunday at church, Doug Hunt was restored! He is the husband of Michelle Hunt, who was restored a few weeks ago. Both came over from the ICOC here in Phoenix. He recalled that his “neck hair was standing up” and he “felt alive” for the first time in four years when he walked through the doors of the church three weeks ago! Four weeks ago, a woman named Margie was restored after leaving the ICOC nine years ago. Later that week, she noticed her next door neighbor at her apartment complex wearing a HOPEworldwide t-shirt! Apparently, this woman left the ICOC years ago as well. Margie has been going on prayer walks with this woman everyday and convincing her to come out! Today was her second week out, and now she wants to get with Brandyn to talk about being restored! God is doing amazing things here in Phoenix!


Carlos Mejia reports: We are grateful to watch God growing the church here in DC. Last week, we witnessed Conset Jefferson be restored! She had fallen away last year and really missed God and the fellowship. The sisters loved her back into the Kingdom! Today, we had Mike Edmonds place membership. Mike was reached-out to by Steve Stancil, who placed membership two weeks ago. They have been friends since the ninth grade and now they are "unified in the Lord!” Steve was attending the Atlanta ICOC and Mike was attending the Philadelphia ICOC. They were both moving back to DC and had to make a decisions about where they will be worshiping God. We got with Mike and studied out the “new Church Study” and he was impacted on the spot. Please pray for us as we have "many" from our old fellowship coming around!


DJ Comisford of New York City shares: Happy Father's Day to all the dads! Along with our amazing Day of MERCY on Saturday, we had a young man named Mahleek baptized from Brooklyn on Wednesday. Also, do a little “leaping for joy” for us as the persecution is heating up. (Luke 6:23) One of our campus student's parents had one of their friends who works for law enforcement track his phone. They met him at the door of the church and tried to physically stop him from entering. A couple of our brothers went to help him and they literally ran from the church! This brother however came in and worshiped with us and gave glory to his Heavenly Father on Father's Day! Some of our sisters have been surprised by their parents having ministers come over and talk with them about the church and some former members have been going after baby Christians on Facebook. Up to this point, they are all holding strong, but we need your prayers. Much love from NYC!


Chris Broom the former lead evangelist of Syracuse and presently the leader of the awesome Chicago Church writes: Our hearts are filled with joy after spending an amazing few days with our dear brothers and sisters in Syracuse, New York! Theresa and I traveled to Syracuse this week in order to bond with Steve and Kithy Ranga, our new “partners in the gospel,” as they take over the leadership of this very special church – “the original little church that could!” It was so reassuring to see how well received they have been. The disciples are so excited to have them as their leaders and Chris and Kerri-Sue Adams – now the Shepherding Couple for NYC – have done a spectacular job getting the church ready for this transition. Back in Chicago, we had three regional services and I heard great things from all of them. Most encouragingly, God added three more to our number this week; one baptism and two restorations!


Chris Adams from Syracuse reports: God continues to bless the Rangas' leadership, as their contagious joy to serve God spreads afresh across the church. One of our fired-up married sisters, Sybell Lentini, brought her co-worker Jamila to Women's Day. This past Wednesday night, Jamila and her precious daughter couldn't stop smiling as the whole church witnessed Jamila being baptized into God's Kingdom. All the disciples in Syracuse want to thank Chris, Theresa, Austin and Maria Broom for encouraging the church this past weekend. What a blast of a reunion this has been! Chris & Theresa's unending sacrifice, love, wisdom, faith and fiery zeal inspired all of us to take EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES, in order to devote ourselves to God! (Nehemiah 8-9) We thank God that the Syracuse Church is part of a movement of churches and that we have an overseeing evangelist like Chris Broom, who can call us to God as only a “father in the faith” could. (1 Corinthians 4:15-17)  Count-down: 44 Days to the EXODUS!!


Jay Hernandez shares: Greetings my brothers and sisters! I am grateful to share terrific news from Hilo, Hawaii! First, yesterday was a tremendous success for our MERCY Projects. We worked with an organization called The Neighborhood Place. They help families on the brink of having Child Welfare Services intervene. We served two families with home cleaning, and some construction projects making their living circumstances better. Both families truly live in third world conditions, with no electricity and no running water. The family we helped with the construction projects attended our Fathers Day Park Service and had a fantastic time and are set-up to come to Bible Talk later this week. We also had our largest attendance since Angela and I arrived; with just 27 disciples we brought out 20 adult visitors! God is definitely showing us more and more people who are eager to study the Bible. After service, I was able to study the Bible and finish counting the cost with a young man named Ezekiel. He comes from a very religious family, and in fact lives with a pastor of another church. After studying the Bible and really wrestling with the Scriptures on baptism and the New Testament conversions, he gratefully turned his life over to the truth. We baptized him here this evening in beautiful Hilo Bay with hundreds of people watching as they celebrated Fathers Day! Truly our Father in heaven was glorified by the work of His disciples here in Hilo! 


In LA, seven additions this week! Our new North Region Leader – Chris Chloupek – reports: We had a very encouraging Sunday today. Two women were added by God to our number as Annie and Nasia were baptized today! So faith-building, Annie – who is a very talented “older woman of 50” – was Michele Williamson’s boss before she & Michael went full-time last year! What an amazing example of perseverance by Michele, as Annie has been coming to church off and on for over a year! Sonja and I are very encouraged to be part of the very loving and faithful North Region. The title of my message was Our Father Forever! We have a Father that is with us to the “end of the age” and beyond! Let’s continue to praise Him and enjoy “the favor of all the people.” (Acts 2:47) To God be the glory always!


In the West Region of the City of Angels Church, Andrew Smellie shares: God is moving as Larry and Hudson Wilson – from the ever selfless Portland Church – were welcomed warmly as they placed membership (Zechariah 8:20-23) and Ryan Krusi was encouraged as she's joined the battle in the West Region having transferred from the very fruitful South! 


In our East Region, Victor Gonzalez Sr. is so fired-up: This week, the Lord blessed us with three additions: two baptisms – Niko ( a student at CSLA) and Nancy (a single mom in the Latin Ministry) – and a very special restoration on Father’s Day – my dear son Manny! (In fact, my oldest son Victor and my incredible daughter-in-law Aurora, who lead our sister church in San Diego, were the ones who really loved Manny back into the Kingdom by taking him into their home for a few months and daily walking with Manny.) Saturday, we had a great Day of MERCY out here in the East Region! Overall, we had 58 volunteers clean the San Gabriel River Trail, the longest biking and walking trail in the San Gabriel Valley and Southeast L.A. County. Our six other disciples were serving an older couple in the city of Rosemead cleaning their yard and patio – they really made a difference! We started at Pico Park with a devotional. I read Mateo 15 and talked about what really makes us unclean, sin – making note that even though we are going to clean the San Gabriel River Trail, (physical cleaning) really our mission is to clean the world spiritually, and in fact we baptized Nancy at 1PM. The disciples, friends, kids, everybody really enjoy, knowing that we were doing just what Jesus did – meeting the needs of people. We are very grateful to be part of the movement of God and to have a benevolent arm of our church that is making an impact all over the world! We are looking forward to see what God is going to do IN THE FUTURE, and of course we are very grateful to have such a great couple serving with so much love – THANK YOU NICK AND DENISE FOR ALL YOU DO! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!


Let’s continue to pray thanking our Father for the first fruits of our summer harvest! And to God be the glory!